Wildethyme Art

We are the live to work kind of artists... We love hashing out new ideas, working in our own spaces--sometimes in the studio, sometimes with a good movie. We loooove movies! Even a day trip to go fishing can turn into an impromptu photo shoot whose colors, imagery appear later in our fibers, a painting, a sculpture.

Our work, our life is truly a love affair. We bring it home, take it back to the studio across the street -- our studio is twice the square footage of our home and we need it that way!

We used to keep regular studio/store hours but discovered that we're more productive and happy working in a more organic way as energy and inspiration permits. Being open by appointment and seasonally gives us the time and flexibility to invest in our family of dogs, cats, nieces and nephews, parents, brothers and sister and of course... the extended family we call our clients.

Be they a beautiful weaving or a school project, we absolutely thrill to the sight of the photos of completed works that our clients share with us. We wonder when we *don't* hear back from them, squeal with delight when we do. Creativity forges a bond, creates ripples of wondrous energy out in the world and we adore being a part of that.

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